2014 / "Leytmotif Luzifer - The 7 Temptations Of Man" CD-book. Released by Avantgarde Music.

2012 / "Quintessence" hardcover A5 format, limited to 950 copies, 2xCD
CD1 'Channelling The Quintessence Of Satan' v. 2011
CD2 'The Satanic Tapes' 1993 - 1994

2010 / "Time is the sulphur in the veins of the saint..." was released in January through END ALL LIFE PROCUTIONS.
"Opus IV" 2x10" limited, re-mastered and edited, released by NIHILWARD PROCUTIONS in December 2010.

2009 / The recordings for the album "Time is the sulphur in the veins of the saint..." (the joint venture with Blacklodge, where both have worked on the same topic) have been completed.

2008 / CHAOS SACRUM RECORDS continued their vinyl series and released the re-mastered and edited version of ‘Nachthymnen – From The Twilight Kingdom’.

2007 / ‘Fractal Possession’ was released and shocked as well surprised too - technical, cold Black-Metal with a razor-sharp sound, the perfect symbiosis of the old and the new ABIGOR; the step over the edge.
In late autumn DIVISION NORDWOLF released ‘Verwüstung’, ‘Orkblut’, ‘Nachthymnen’, and ‘Opus IV’ on tape format.

2006 / ABIGOR has re-united, after 3 years of more or less – non-existence.
T.T. and P.K. joined forces, and A.R., as new vocalist, was announced shortly after their come back.
In May 2006 the band signed with END ALL LIFE PRODUCTIONS, a sub division of the French cult label NORMA EVANGELIUM DIABOLI.
The work on the new album begun, finally ‘Fractal Possession’ was recorded from June-September at T.T.’s Hell-Lab studio. At the fall of 2006 CHAOS SACRUM RECORDS released ‘Orkblut’ on vinyl, limited, re-mastered and with a different layout.

2005 / CHAOS SACRUM RECORDS released ‘Verwüstung’ on vinyl, limited to 500 copies and already sold out, also NAPALM RECORDS continues their 2in1 series with ‘Verwüstung/Opus IV’.

2004 / NAPALM RECORDS released the 2in1 CD ‘Nachthymnen/Orkblut’.

2002 / Back in the year 2002 the last official song was recorded - Dawn Of Human Dust. Finally released through the 7" Schockwave 666, licensed to DARK HORIZON RECORDS. After this release P.K. split the band because of several reasons, at this point of ABIGOR’s history it all has come to an end...

2001 / ‘Satanized (A Journey Through Cosmic Infinity)’ was released.

2000 / The SLAYER and KREATOR tribute albums feat. the previous recorded songs was released by DWELL RECORDS. In April 2000 ABIGOR signed a new multi-record deal with NAPALM RECORDS and immediately after that the work on 'Satanized (A Journey Through Cosmic Infinity)' begun. In late May 2000 T.T. left ABIGOR; he was then replaced with Moritz Neuner on drums. In August the same year the MCD 'In Memory' was released. 'In Memory' features the 2 cover-versions, 'Shadowlord', the first (yet unreleased) rehearsal version of 'Crimson Horizons' and a studio rough-mix of the song 'Verwüstung'. From late October through November 'Satanized’ was recorded at Tonstudio Hörnix.

1999 / 'Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan' was recorded. During the recording session Silenius decided to leave ABIGOR. Thurisaz joined ABIGOR as new vocalist and the album has finally been finished, and released through NAPALM RECORDS at the 17th of May 1999. At the 8th of May 1999 the cover-version of SLAYER's 'Crionics' was recorded for the US label DWELL RECORDS. In November 1999 the cover-version of KREATOR's 'Terrible Certainty' was again recorded for DWELL RECORDS.

1998 / The recordings on 'Supreme Immortal Art' have been finished and released in early summer. As a result of the good response on 'Supreme Immortal Art' a 7", entitled 'Structures Of Immortality' was released, with a limitation to 500 copies, at the end of September 98. Also, because of the numerous inquiries regarding ABIGOR demo material, the band has decided to release a strictly limited demo-CD (to 1500 copies) on the 12th of October 98. The CD, entitled 'origo regium 1993-1994', was again released through NAPALM RECORDS. origo regium' offered a few selected songs (Kingdom Of Darkness, Eye To Eye At Armageddon, Diabolic Unity, Midwintertears, ...) from the first 4 demos. Both releases, the 7" and the demo-CD are sold out, and won't be reprinted!

1997 / The MCD 'Apokalypse' was recorded within two days, the most raw and brutal ABIGOR release at this point, ABIGOR's tribute to the true values and mental attitude behind Black Metal. At the fall of the year, the studio work on ‘Supreme Immortal Art’ begun.

1996 / In May 96, 'Blut Aus Aeonen', the second chapter of 'Opus IV' was recorded, and the final result, 'Opus IV', was released in July 1996.

1995 / In spring the overworked demo-song 'Shadowlord' was exclusively recorded for the NAPALM Compilation 'With Us Or Against Us Vol.1'. In May 95 ABIGOR entered the studio again to record 'Nachthymnen (From The Twilight Kingdom)'. In November the same year they started the recordings for the first chapter of 'Opus IV', entitled 'Horns Lurk Beyond The Stars'.

1994 / In February the 'Promo-Tape II/94' was released, and in March the last official demo, 'Moonrise'. After the release of 'Moonrise', Tharen had to leave ABIGOR. He was then replaced with Silenius. With Silenius on vocals ABIGOR recorded a limited demo tape, entitled In 'Hate & Sin' and also signed a multi-record deal with the Austrian label NAPALM RECORDS. In June 94 the debut CD 'Verwüstung / Invoke The Dark Age' was recorded. In November 94 the concept MCD 'Orkblut - The Retaliation' was recorded.

1993 / ABIGOR was formed in early summer by P.K. and T.T. Immediately after that, Rune (now known as Tharen) joined ABIGOR as vocalist. The first demo, entitled 'Ash Nazgh...' was released in autumn, and in December the second demo, 'lux devicta est'.